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The illusion of metal leaking out of the ear.

This earring is called “Tipa”, meaning “a drop” in Hebrew. 


The Tipa usually fits best in the standard lobe piercing, but it can also fit nicely into other lobe piercings depending on the structure of the ear.

For the complete look, add the “Double-Tipa earring”. Or, for a more symmetrical look, add another “Tipa” to your other ear.

Tipa Earring

PriceFrom ₪270.00
  • Matierial: Sterling Silver with 14K Gold Plating


    All the jewelry is handmade.


    Each piece is made to order.


    All the jewelry is made with love, then sent with love, to customers and supporters of my art.



    In order to maintain the gold coating over time we recommend:

    • Minimize the jewelry's contact with sea water, chlorine, detergents, perfumes, creams and chemicals.

    • Store your jewelry in a dry environment.

    • Clean your jewelry with mild soap under running water and dry with a clean cotton cloth.